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meet teresa.

Now that you’re gearing up for your experience, I’ll let you in on five facts that make me, ME:

1. Bible time + time spent with the Lord is so important to me. I find such peace + joy in continually seeking to grow my relationship with Jesus.

2. Ever seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" Well, then you basically already know MY family. I am the youngest of seven, and I come from a loud, dark-haired, tight-knit, Lebanese family!

3. My friends are my fuel, and you can find me driving hours to be reunited, or waking up at 4:00 am, just so my extroverted heart can get its fix.

4. I’ve been told I started singing before I could talk, and I’m going on year seven of vocal lessons! I’m obsessed with musicals, theater, and performing.

5. I find such happiness in running, weight lifting, and yoga, and do not know what I would do without my daily high…or my personal fitness trainers.

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My favorite type of bean! To say I love coffee would probably be an understatement. I have a slight obsession. Some may call it a problem, but I call it a strength.;) I'm always holding iced coffee in my hand, even in the winter months. If you’re wondering where I am, just go to a local coffee shop and you’ll probably find me there.:)


It’s my quiet place. It’s my happy place. I can always tell when it’s been a few days since I’ve read my bible, because I notice those are the times that I feel down, discouraged, or lost. It’s just so incredible we get a book with God’s word IN IT. He speaks to us through His word. I truly do not know where I would be without this daily time.


There’s just something. Something about my Erin Condren planner that brings just as much joy to my heart as my six year old self felt on Christmas morning. I adore planning! There’s something about hand lettering on those pages, color coordinating, and adding stickers to those columns that fills my heart with pure happiness.


It’s within me. It’s in my heart. It’s in my soul. It’s all around US. Music is everywhere. I grew up singing, and performing. I take vocal lessons. I’m always singing if not out loud, then in my head. Always listening to music, as I do anything and everything. I believe music truly has the power to completely transform a mood. That’s just one out of the many reasons it’s magical.


I don’t know what I’d do without it. Weight lifting, running, yoga, pilates - all things you can always count on me to be down for! I can be found many days throughout the week at the gym, with my personal trainers, or on the trails. Any fellow exercise addicts out there??? Let's be friends!!



People, stories, love, beauty, memories: all things that mean the most to me. Everyone has a story, and everyone tells theirs differently. My heart longs to capture love in a single shutter, and to capture a memory that will last in one single image, for generations to come. I will capture those most precious moments that are so rare, and so beautiful.

I’m not a photographer because it’s just a job I needed. I’m not a photographer just so I can take pictures of people here and there, deliver the images, and never speak to them again. I’m not a photographer so I can take awkward prom pose types of photographs.

I AM a photographer to capture stories. I am a photographer to build relationships, communities, and lifelong friendships. I am a photographer for the crazy in love that aren’t afraid to get their clothes a little dirty. I am a photographer to capture you and your boo that aren’t afraid to show me allll the PDA. I am a photographer to capture the real, uncontrollable laughter that he/she brings out in you. I am a photographer to capture love and the beautiful love that a couple shares. I am a photographer to capture meaning in memories, and ones that will last a lifetime.

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memories over details

I believe in capturing every detail, but then there comes a point when details no longer matter. It's just you two. You two are what I have my eye on. The tears that stream down your cheeks. The messy laughter that gives you a second chin. 

The passionate kisses that you wouldn't dare do in front of your family. The tight hugs. The memories. That’s why I pour my heart into capturing every portion of your special day. So you can hold onto those moments and memories forever.

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